When someone tells you that they have inflammation you usually think of something common that can be fixed with cream or over the counter drugs. But there is a different type of inflammation which is a completely different serious problem – chronic inflammation. Those are types of inflammation that you can’t even feel, the modern medical tests can’t sometimes detect it but chronic inflammation is connected with the start of some serious illnesses like cancer.

What is chronic inflammation?

There is much research on the subject of how inflammation affects the body in the first place. The basis is simple, it all starts with our immune system – the first line of defense against any type of illness. When we are hurt or sick, our bone marrow sends special units for defense made from white blood cells leukocytes to stop the infection and start the healing process. Sometimes there is a problem in communication and the immune system gets the wrong information and it acts without the need and those white blood cells circulate around the body looking to fix things but they don’t find anything. 

If something like that starts to happen more often the immune system might start to attack healthy organs and start doing damage to them instead of fixing things. They can also start attacking other types of cells that the body activates as an immune response and doing that weaken the overall defense of the body leaving the space for all sorts of illnesses to appear.

The good news is that there are ways we can help our body to prevent chronic inflammation from appearing in the first place. These are the things that can cause a bad immune system response and things that can help the immune system.

Inflammation allies


When you start gaining excessive weight your fat cells in the body start to swell and oxygen struggles to reach those cells. Confused by this sudden stress on the cells, the body sends an immune response. White cells come to aid and cause inflammation of those cells since the fat cells start to act like they are infected. After a while, that inflammation can cause other healthy cells to stop responding to insulin which controls the level of sugar in the blood, which can lead to diabetes. If this continues over a longer period of time, white blood cells can start causing problems in the normal functioning of the liver.

Too much sweet and fatty food

When we eat a lot of sugar, saturated fats, and trans-fatty acids we keep the door open for all sorts of problems. Research shows that food that is increasing sugar levels in the blood very fast also causes inflammations. Tests showed that when people ate food with a high glycemic index, inflammation markers increased a lot in just a few hours after a meal. Chips, French fries, sweets all raise sugar in the blood fast and you should remove them as much as possible from your diet.

Life with stress and anxiety

Unexpected situations that in any way affect our nerve system can be potentially bad since it can cause a sudden increase in stress hormones and body anxiety, which has been proven that any inflammations in the body get a boost during the increased stress. Research showed that among people who have chronic problems with anxiety and depression there has been also very often some inflammation processes going in the body.

Breathing low-quality air

Your immune system hates smog and low-quality air. People who live in areas where air quality is low and smog often have a larger chance to get diabetes because bad air causes more immune reactions in the body which can cause inflammations and cells can become more resistant to insulin. Even worse is inhaling tobacco smoke which is a huge stress on the lungs that causes strong reactions of the immune system to fix the problems which over time can cause the immune system to overreact and cause serious lung health issues.

Inflammation enemies

Omega-3 fatty acids

It’s already known that these fatty acids are very good for the health of the heart and nerve system. But further research showed Omega-3 fatty acids are very good in controlling the overreacting white blood cells and with that lowering the chance of inflammation caused by them. So try to include at least a few meals a week that are rich in Omega-3.

Fruits and vegetables

Groceries of plant origin are very rich with anti-inflammatory substances, antioxidants, carotenoids (yellow and orange pigment in carrots and pumpkins), or lycopene that gives a red color to tomatoes. Grapes and red wine are also very good at preventing inflammation. Research showed that the Mediterranean diet which is rich in vegetables, fish, fruits, and olive oil is one of the best diets for a healthy life without inflammations.


We exercise to be in good form, skinnier, in a better mood but if there is one more reason for it then research shows that regular physical activity in lowering the body stress is one of the main conditions where inflammation occurs often. Daily moderate physical activity of 40-50 minutes is best to keep stress under check. And it’s also noted that weight is not the only reason to start with regular exercise since even skinny people that are not physically active can have some inflammation hiding. With exercise, you are making your fat cells smaller and with that calming down your immune system to not overreact.

Keep the good mood

Any type of lowering your body stress is one of the main steps in lowering the risk of chronic inflammations. Try to keep negative thoughts from your mind thinking about things that might happen and focus on the good things that are going on in your life. Various breathing techniques and meditation can help calm your mind to not go rogue into a negative mode. Smile a lot and surround yourself with positive people, that can help for sure.


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