The darker cherries are, the more flavonoids they have, and therefore, more effectively protect the heart, decrease Asthma symptoms and rejuvenate skin and joints. 

A portion of cherries a day makes the doctor away! Juicy and sweet, this delicious red fruit is a genuine June gift for everyone that tends to lose that last few pounds before the summer holidays but detests dietary regimens. Rich in taste and with very few calories are only a few of the bonuses nutritionists indicate. Besides being efficient in weight reduction, cherries have a remarkable anti-inflammatory effect proven by many studies.

Studies conducted by blood testing in overweight men and women, done by Universities in Michigan and Arizona and Brunswick Laboratories, showed that drinking a glass of cherry juice a day in a month period significantly reduces triglycerides and inflammatory markers in the blood, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

H2O and Phyto- Reservoir 

Other study conducted by the same experts on animals discovered that drinking cherry juice (made of fresh and/or dried cherries) during five months decreases total Cholesterol up to 26%, C reactive inflammatory proteins by 36%, and – fascinatingly – early death caused by a cardiac arrest by stunning 65%. It was first mentioned in 2000 BC by the ancient Greeks and Romans, which used cherries to treat rheumatism and which also are the responsible ones for the expansion of this plum relative to the area today called Europe.

Today there are around 60 sorts of cherries, deferring in color, size, and shape. They are all juicy and sweet, containing more than 80% water and amazing 2.1g dietary fibers in 100g! When we add a significant amount of cellulose, pectin, and potassium that stimulates water expulsion from the body, it is obvious why cherries have a privileged position among detox and weight loss diets.

They are also rich in anti-oxidative vitamins C and E, calcium and iron, elements necessary for healthy bones and blood count. They are rich in phytonutrients, especially flavonoids, also responsible for their voluptuous red color. The darker cherries are, the richer in flavonoids (natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients) and more efficient in protecting us against inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

Dark cherries diminish allergy and asthma symptoms and decrease the chances of developing cataracts and atherosclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Lately, cherries are also recognized as excellent allies in preserving skin and joint vitality. flavonoids stimulate the formation of collagen fibers, which maintain the firmness of the skin and create and fortify cartilage and joint tendons.

Juice or cake from cherries? Why not both!?

Banton, Bing, Cavalier, Glacier, Schmidt, or Ulster? – it doesn’t really matter which sort of cherries you like, they are maximally useful regardless of the name. Nevertheless, it is preferable to pick darker ones, with shiny and firm skin and stalk. When stored in the fridge, they can hold up to 6 days. When pitted and cleaned from stalks, they can also be stored in the freezer, or used for delicious compote or juice.

A bowl of fresh cherries is a perfect morning meal for increasing energy and stimulating digestion. If you are more of a cake, pie, or a strudel person, you can use cherries in your favorite dessert, and so by supply the body with many healthy nutrients. In most European countries, cherries are also used to prepare delicious soups or gravies, served with pork or turkey roast.


As they are rich in Tannin, bitter substances, flavonoids, and minerals, they are great for preparing homemade tea for facilitating urination and/or passing kidney stones. You can easily make this tea by mixing a handful of cherry stalks with 3 cups of hot water, boiling it for a minute. You can enjoy cherries throughout the year by cleaning them from pits and stalks and drying them on air or low temperature in the oven/dehydrator.


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