Even though the world is in turmoil due to pandemic, one of most important things somehow went under the radar – make your immune system stronger. After all, that’s your first line of defense against anything, including Covid19 virus. So we made a list of common but very strong food that can help your immune system.


Probably everyone heard that garlic alone or in some combination is a great natural cure for cold and flu. It doesn’t really need to be attached with some magical properties, but it is true that it gives the human body a lot of good. Except for allicin, main component for the antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, garlic also has few more compounds of similar properties and they all in synergy help boost the immune system.

Allicin is made under the influence of enzyme alliinase when there is some physical damage to garlic, like slicing or crushing. Allicin has sulphur which gives garlic a specific and well known smell and taste. Allicin is also a very unstable element so it quickly changes to different compounds with sulphur that gives garlic its healing abilities – helping in defensive response of some types of white blood cells when they encounter certain viruses, mostly those of common cold and flu.

Garlic is also important in prevention – studies show that it lowers the risk of getting common cold or flu, time of being sick and can ease the symptoms also. In one 3 month study, 146 healthy volunteers were divided into 2 groups. One was getting garlic supplements and other placebo. First group had about 63% lower risk of getting a common cold, and those that did got sick, the common cold lasted 70% shorter.

To get most out of garlic in cooking, it is good to cut the garlic at least 10 minutes before using it, because heat is destroying enzyme alliinase and it’s good to give some time for more of the allicin compound to be made before cooking. Same thing if you eat garlic raw.

To get the most health benefits of garlic you need to eat 2-3 garlic parts a day. If you use supplements, normal dosage is between 600 and 1200 mg per day. More than that and you might get a toxic response instead.


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