Skin is our biggest organ, a protective shield from the environment.  It protects us from bad biological, physical and chemical influences from the environment. It prevents evaporation of water from the body, a great thermal insulator and significant part of the body immune system. But years don’t spare anyone and the body gets older and so does get skin with it. On some people it will be visible sooner, mostly very light skin people, while people with thicker more fat consisting skin shows less visual indicators of aging. Even though it’s a process we can’t stop, we can slow it down with proper care.

It’s not all about genes

Skin has few layers but they all age equally, the visible changes are mostly on the parts of the body that are not usually covered like face, back of the head, forearms and shins. You can start showing aging skin sooner than normally and that can be noticed by rougher skin with showing of the deeper wrinkles, less elasticity, more visible capillaries or showing of pigmentation spots on the skin.

Skin becomes dry and wrinkles more visible and the surface loses the shine. The look of the older face also can be due to losing volume of the skeletal muscles which creates the look of extra skin and flabbiness of the fat pads around the eyes which emphasize the lowering of the eyebrows. Cheeks also start to lower as the corner of the lips and skin on the chin and neck starts to relax and gravity does its work. But the speed of the skin aging can’t be blamed solely on genes even though a lot about aging is written there, because there are still outside factors that we can control and thus slow down the aging process.

Sun, the main problem

Natural aging starts in the third decade of our life and it is a relatively slow process called intrinsic aging. But on the other side, our skin since early age is affected by outside elements that are called extrinsic aging. The main damaging source of outside aging is sun, then habits like smoking, drinking and diet, also polluted environment, cold, heat, etc., can affect the skin aging. Sun emits ultraviolet light that is separated into three wavelengths, UVA, UVB and UVC. Ultraviolet C is mostly absorbed in the atmosphere, UVB also gets stuck in the atmosphere but enough passes to have an effect. It is required for creating vitamin D in the skin, but it is also damaging to the DNA and can cause sunburns. UVA is the most dangerous of the three since it causes significant damage to the DNA and can cause skin cancer. Aging of the skin affected by sun is called photoaging. Skin becomes dark yellow, rough, loses elasticity and causes pigmentation. So it is very important to protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation.

Adequate care with addition of avoiding sun when it’s strongest is using the protective supplements. If there is already advanced degradation of the skin due to the sun there are solutions for that. Creating new collagen and elastic fibers can be accomplished by using locally the retinoic acid, dermabrasion or chemical skin peeling.

Before the morning face wash, it’s good to know that lukewarm water removes the oily ingredients on the surface of the skin and with that losing protective coating of the skin. And if you are using the soap, it’s even more efficient. Using water and soap is fine if you have oily skin, while normal and dry skin is better to clean with more oily products like cleaning milk.

Micelle miracle

On a cleaned face usually some tonic is used to stabilize the protective acidic layer of skin, narrows the wrinkles, gently disinfects and refreshes the skin. With usual cleaning products in use, today it’s very popular to use micellar solutions which are good for cleaning all types of skin. With dry skin, use of micellar solution will save optimal balance of lipids and secure hydration of the surface protective layer of the skin. A normal and oily skin micellar solution will thoroughly clean the skin, without drying it out, irritation or creating imbalance of natural pH of the skin. Micelles are colloid particles with small size and mass which makes them float in the water solution. They act like a magnet on the skin by attracting the impurities and extra oils (sebum) made by sebaceous glands. After using a micellar solution the skin doesn’t need extra washing.

Enriched nutritional creams

To secure the softness and youth look of the skin you need to know the rules of skin hydration and to secure necessary skin moisture. During the day it’s best to use hydration cream that has ingredients to protect the skin from environment elements. The main task is to stop the dehydration of the upper layers of the epidermis. At night it’s good to use creams before going to sleep that have regenerative substances like natural collagen and elastin. Those are the most important proteins to keep the skin elastic.

More popular are also the use of liposomes. They have the same lipid composition like membrane lipids of the skin which they secure easier passing through epidermal cells. In the last decade there has been a lot of research in understanding how skin ages on cellular and molecular level and that makes it possible to produce new “anti-aging” products that are more efficient.

Healthy lifestyle, trying to avoid too much stress, avoiding bad environment effects and with good skin care we can significantly reduce skin aging and not only for the esthetic look, but also to keep our biggest organ healthy to make the whole body healthier. And also, don’t overdue with the sun exposure. Even though it is necessary for our body and skin, too much exposure to bad UV rays will do more damage than benefits, so use adequate skin UV protectors.


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Most people think that mutual love between two partners is one of the most important life accomplishments. But, when we really think about what is necessary for a stable relationship it’s useful to look at data from research done by American psychologists on more than 21 000 couples. The research gathered information on some essential questions regarding the communication in the relationship. Couples were first graded by the factor of happiness and they divided the group into 5000 happy couples, 5000 not happy and the rest were put into a group of average happy. The research continued on the first two groups and they both received the same questions that were later compared. The comparison of the collected information brought the research to 5 conclusions that were important in the relationship.

1 – What we do together

According to the observation that in happy relationships couples were spending more time together, on statement „we can easily figure out what to do together“ agreed 86% of happy couples and only 28% of unhappy ones. At the same time, 71% of happy couples and 17% of unhappy ones said they managed to find a balance between free time they spent together and time they didn’t. For a stable relationship it’s good for every partner to have enough time for independent activities as long it doesn’t affect the time spent together, or vice versa.

Incompatibility in interests and time spent on them is mostly bad for partners in the long term, especially in later parts of a relationship when there is less physical passion and children are grown up and there is no focus on them anymore.

ADVICE. Because a good relationship is one where partners willingly spend a lot of time together, choose partners that you want to spend time with and share similar interests and not just sexual activity.

2 – Listen to me carefully

On the question if the statement is correct „your partner is a good listener“, positively responded 83% of the happy couples and only 18% of unhappy ones. Obviously, a good listening of your partner contributes a lot to a good relationship.

With a statement „my partner does not understand how I feel“, 79% of the unhappy couples and only 13% of the happy ones agreed. So in just 13% of stable relationships, partners are not bothered that the other side can’t read their feelings which bring the conclusion that such emotional blindness is very negative in keeping the relationship stable.

With a statement „my partner understands and respects my opinions and attitudes”, agreed 87% of happy couples and 19% of unhappy ones. This also one of the long term traits, since in the beginning partners are in focus of other factors and don’t pay attention to deeper understanding of their partners. This can be a problem if later in the relationship partners have fundamental differences in opinions about ideologies, education, intelligence or politics. Even if the partners are very different regarding their temperament, if they understand each other and have a similar look at life, things will fall in line over time.

ADVICE. So in search for a good partner for a stable relationship, give more chances to those who will listen to you more and understand your opinions and ideas. Those traits are much more important in developing a stable relationship than just the fatal attraction and passion in the beginning.

3 – You are right, I’m sorry

That they are satisfied with how they talk to each other 90% of happy couples said yes and only 15% of unhappy ones. Undoubtedly it’s important to have normal and tolerant conversations with your partner, one of more important aspects of a good relationship. Same as constant fighting over every little thing slowly brings intolerance toward the other person.

Ask if they agree with the statement „during the disagreement, I can share feelings and ideas with a partner“, 85% of happy couples said yes, while among unhappy ones there was only 22%. Not many relationship does not require a partner’s adjustment to another, but some people don’t have the will to be more flexible or just want other people to adjust to them.

Statement „we are both equally willing to adapt in the relationship“ said they agree 87% of happy couples and 46% unhappy ones. From this statement it is visible that adaptation doesn’t save many couples from being unhappy, but most couples who are willing to adapt were much happier.

ADVICE. Inflexibility is not a good  thing in a relationship. Partner unwillingness to see and acknowledge their own mistakes and bad judgements brings tension and anxiety. Quality of relationship is much better if both partners are willing to have an open conversation about things that bother them. Insisting that one person is always right brings only spite in other person, while being open to admit you are wrong and offer apology leaves other person without confrontation arguments.

4 – Money is (not) important to me

How important is the ability to agree with decisions regarding money shows the reaction to the statement „it is not difficult for us to agree around financial matters“. That this is related to their relationship agrees with 80% of happy couples and 32% unhappy ones. If one partner is more prone to spend money to satisfy their material and more prone to spending money than other partner it can grow into bitterness.

ADVICE. Differences in this area of relationship can bring that one of partners will invest a lot of time in energy into trying to keep living that lifestyle or try to find a partner that can give it to them. 

5 – Sexual satisfaction

In the end the research showed that sexual satisfaction is for sure important in stable development of relationships, while disagreement in that aspect can lead to disappointment and breaking up. With their sexual life 85% of happy couples are satisfied, 29% of unhappy couples are not satisfied while 15% of couples are happy despite their sexual life lost a spark.

ADVICE. Sexual satisfaction is not an important factor in the relationship only if both partners agree on that. If one of partners is unhappy with sex in relationship it will only lead to trouble in a long way.

Happy couples are…

Psychologists claim that they can determine with more than 90% certainty if some couples are happy or not if there are these things in a relationship.

  • Partners spend a lot of time together, but still have time for themself
  • They are involved together in same activities
  • They are capable of adapt to each other
  • They can have normal conversations about things that bother them and they pay attention to what other person is telling them
  • They are willing to admit a mistake and offer an apology
  • They can solve their problems in an efficient and creative ways
  • They agree on how money affects their relationship
  • And they are compatible in sex



Disclaimer: This text is for general informational purposes only. It should not be used to self-diagnose and it is not a substitute for a medical exam, cure, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription or recommendation. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Dimology – Healthy World are not liable or responsible for any advice, course of treatment, diagnosis or any other information, services or product you obtain through this site.

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